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  • How to prepare for a photo session?
    Preparing for a photo session can significantly improve the final result. Here are some tips: Choose the right outfit: Choose clothes that match the style of the session and emphasize your personality. Avoid bright patterns and too many colors that may distract attention from you. Take care of your appearance: On the day of the session, taking care of your hair, makeup (if you use it), and personal hygiene can significantly improve your well-being and self-confidence in front of the camera. Prepare yourself mentally: Relax and allow yourself to express your emotions naturally. The best photos are often the result of spontaneous moments.. Communication with the photographer: Talk to the photographer before the session to discuss your expectations, style preferences, and ideas for location and setting. If you need more tips and inspiration, I recommend reading my blog where you will find an extensive list of useful tips for photo shoots. Additionally, before each session, I send my clients brochures with helpful tips. Other than that, don't worry! You are in the hands of a professional. I am here for you and I will help you with everything.
  • How far in advance should I book my photo session?
    I recommend booking your photo session well in advance so that we can plan all the details and adjust to your preferences. Usually, the earlier you contact us, the greater your chance of selecting a convenient date. I recommend booking your session at least 1-2 weeks in advance, but if you have a specific date or special requirements, you may want to consider booking even a few weeks or months in advance, especially during periods of high demand for photo sessions, such as the corporate event season.
  • What do consultations before a photo session look like?
    Consultations before the photo session are an important stage that helps me better understand your expectations, preferences and discuss details about the session. Consultations are usually held by phone or e-mail, although it is also possible to meet in person if you prefer this form of communication. During the consultation we will discuss, among others: Your expectations: I will find out what you expect from the session, what your goals are and how you would like to be presented in the photos. Style and location: We will discuss what style of photography you are interested in and whether you prefer a studio or outdoor session. We will also talk about potential session locations, as well as background colors in the case of a session in my studio in Krakow. After the consultation, but before the session, I will send you a brochure containing important information about the session and tips on preparing for it, including wardrobe and accessory suggestions.
  • I have no idea what to wear for the session. Can you help me?
    Of course, I will be happy to help you! Choosing the right wardrobe can have a big impact on the final effect of the session. During our pre-session consultations, we will discuss your preferences and style, as well as adapt your wardrobe to the type of session and the selected location. If you need additional tips or inspiration, I'm here to help and give you advice on the best outfit for your shoot that will highlight your personality and style. In addition, I encourage you to visit my blog, where you will find many practical tips on preparing for a photo session, including a special article about choosing a wardrobe for a photo session.
  • Can I change outfits during the session? How many outfits should I prepare?
    Yes, you can change clothes during the session if you want to add variety to your photos. I usually suggest preparing a few different outfits so that we can create a variety of shots that reflect different aspects of your personality or the message you want to convey in your photos. Depending on the selected session package and the planned number of photos, I suggest preparing 2 to 4 different sets of clothes. However, the number of clothing versions can be adjusted to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Do you provide make-up and hairdressing services?
    I do not provide professional makeup or hairdressing services as part of my session packages. However, I always make sure your skin looks good in the photos, ensuring a matte finish and preparing you for your session. However, if you are interested in the services of a make-up artist or hairdresser, you can arrange them yourself or let me know in advance and I will arrange them for you. Please note that these services are subject to an additional fee and the costs will depend on the services and specialists selected.
  • I don't know how to pose. I think I'm not photogenic. What can I do?
    Don't worry, many people have similar concerns. Remember that everyone has their own unique features that make them beautiful in photos. A professional photographer will be able to capture your personality and natural beauty, even if you feel uncomfortable at first. Trust your photographer and take a look at the tips below: Relax: Posing in front of the camera can be stressful, but the more relaxed you are, the more natural your photos will look. Try to focus on positive thoughts and enjoy the moment. Natural movements: You don't have to take complicated positions. Just move naturally and feel comfortable and the photographer will be able to capture the best moments. Practice makes perfect: If you feel insecure, practice different facial expressions and poses in the mirror. This will help you feel more confident during the session.
  • Will I see my photos during the session?
    If the session takes place in a studio, yes, I provide a live preview of the photos being taken. Thanks to this, we can analyze and adjust settings and positions on an ongoing basis to obtain the best results. However, for outdoor sessions, I am usually unable to provide live viewing due to site conditions.
  • Can I take a friend to accompany me during my photo session?
    Yes, you can always take a loved one with you to accompany you during the photo session. Having someone to support you can help you feel more comfortable and confident during your session. You can also ask this person for help with small things, like fixing your hair or holding extra props. However, remember to limit the number of accompanying people so as not to disrupt the session.
  • I'm not from Krakow, but I like your style and I would like to arrange a session with you. Are you mobile?
    Yes, I am mobile and willing to travel for photo sessions. Regardless of where you are located, I can adapt to your needs and determine a convenient place and time for the session. Contact me to discuss details and arrange a date!
  • I am rather picky and demanding. I'm afraid the photos won't meet my expectations.
    I understand your concerns, but as a professional photographer, my goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with photos that you will be completely satisfied with. Before the session begins, we will carefully discuss your preferences, style and expectations so that together we can create an action plan that will meet your expectations. If you have any specific wishes or ideas, please feel free to share them with me - I am here to support you and provide you with photos you will be proud of.
  • I don't like regular business headshots. Can we do something more creative?
    Of course! As a photographer, I place great emphasis on creating photo sessions that are not only professional, but also creative and unique. Together we can experiment with different styles, locations and ideas to create photos that perfectly reflect your personality and brand. If you have any specific ideas or inspirations, I will be happy to listen to your suggestions and together we will create unforgettable photos!
  • How long will I wait for my pictures?
    The waiting time for the delivery of the edited photos depends on the package you choose. In the case of choosing the premium package, I provide express delivery of edited photos within a few days. However, in the case of standard packages, the waiting time is a maximum of 2 weeks. However, if you have specific requirements regarding delivery time or need the photos within a shorter period of time, please let me know. I will do everything in my power to offer you a satisfactory solution that will meet your expectations without compromising the quality of photo editing.
  • What if I have to postpone the photo session?
    I understand that life can be unpredictable, so I try to be flexible and understand your needs. If it is necessary to postpone the photo session, please inform me about the change of plans as soon as possible. We will try to find a new date that suits both you and me. In the event of an emergency or emergency, I encourage you to contact me directly so that we can discuss the best solution for both parties.
  • I am not a "C-level" manager. But I care about my image, career and visibility. Is your offer suitable for me?
    Absolutely! My offer is addressed to everyone who values ​​professionalism and wants to take care of their image. Whether you are a middle manager, freelancer, entrepreneur or industry specialist, I am happy to work with people who want to present themselves in the best light. My goal is to create high-quality, professional photos for you that will help you build your personal brand and achieve professional success. I also encourage you to check out my extensive portfolio and the about me page, where you will find information about me, my current clients and ongoing projects. I am convinced that my offer will meet your expectations and help you achieve your professional goals.
  • I work the entire working week. Is it possible to arrange a photo session on the weekend?
    Yes, I will be happy to schedule a photo session on the weekend to accommodate your schedule. I understand that many people work during the week, so I am flexible and can schedule a session at a time convenient for you on the weekend. Please contact us so that we can arrange the details and find the best date.
  • Will you use my photos on your website or social media?
    I always respect my clients' privacy and preferences. Before I take any action related to publishing the photos, we will discuss it together. If you do not consent to your photos being published on social media or on my website, I will respect this and maintain your privacy. However, if you agree to publication, I would be grateful for your permission, which will allow me to share my work with others and show potential clients what the results of my work look like.
  • Why are professional headshots and portraits so expensive?
    Professional headshots and portraits require high-quality equipment to capture the best images. From advanced cameras and lenses to specialized lighting equipment, backdrops, photo editing programs, etc., professionals invest in tools that deliver exceptional results. This level of quality, combined with the knowledge, experience and time invested, justifies the higher cost compared to DIY options.
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